Room 333

Room 333 of the Langham Hotel in London’s historic neighborhood is one of the most terrifying locations in the 3D horror games available on our website, at least in our experience. Yet, you may be more courageous than we are and find it to be one of the most thrilling challenges you’ve ever faced. Is it in you to come here and see the horrors for yourself?

Go into Room 333 and see if you can make it out alive in!

In this spooky point-and-click adventure game, you play as a detective who must visit a hotel room where everyone who has ever been there has mysteriously gone and discover what mystical and sinister forces may be at work.

Use your computer’s mouse or your finger to move the pointer around on a mobile device, and when you come across a clickable object, click on it to learn more about it and advance the plot. Now that you understand everything, you may begin the game and explore the other fantastic resources we provide here at no cost to you.