Sausage Survival Master

30s Sausage Survival Master is a thrilling three-dimensional adventure where you have to lead a little sausage-like creature with legs through a dangerous environment while earning experience and assisting him in surviving. Enter an exciting universe filled with sporadic mini-games, gain experience, and overcome unforeseen challenges to make sure your 3D sausage character survives.

Play a number of arbitrary mini-games to demonstrate your agility in overcoming various challenges. In order to be the last sausage standing in this amazing adventure, avoid getting burned or cut, escape being crushed to death, and complete each level intact. You can also level up your character with the gifts you earn, get experience, and have a fantastic time! Like a true sausage master, this high-stakes race requires not only dexterity but also strategic thought and maybe a little snark!

How to play

Mouse controls 

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