Scary Teacher 3D

An intriguing horror will tell the story of a girl who can’t establish a relationship with her school teacher. In the game, Scary Teacher 3D gamers have to take control of the heroine in their hands. Events will begin from the moment the teacher moves to a neighboring house. It is necessary to find out the whole truth about a woman, even if she will be terrifying.

The worked-out world of Skery Teacher 3D pleases the eye. The girl will avenge his adult enemy. She has reasons to hate the insidious person. She purposely underestimates the grades, resorts to physical punishment, and does not allow her to study calmly. The time has come to repay the enemy according to merit. In Scary Teacher 3D, several missions during which it becomes known that aunt and animals also offend. Her mansion has 15 rooms and each has a puzzle, including in the basement. Do not be surprised at the many surprises, some of which are shocking with their meaning. Turn on your wit and shut your belt.