SCP: Bloodwater

Welcome to SCP Bloodwater, a super cool game where you get to be in charge of a special place inspired by the SCP Foundation’s Red Pool, which is kinda mysterious and exciting!

In this game, you become the boss, the Site Director, at the Red Pool Containment Zone, or Area-354 Containment Site for short. Your job is to do three important things:

  1. Collect Resources: Find stuff you need to keep your place safe.
  2. Fight Off Bad Stuff: Protect your place from scary things.
  3. Discover and Learn: Figure out new things to make your place better.

Can you be a great Site Director and make sure your base is safe until the Red Pool wakes up? It’s a big adventure waiting for you!


Game still in development.

Made by Neuroticfly Games & Kenomic Games


SCP-354” by Dave Rapp, from the SCP Wiki. Source: Licensed under CC-BY-SA.