Showdown Bandit

Here is the new “Showdown Bandit” horror game from the creators of “Bendy and the Ink Machine“, so something can remind you of the good old cartoon studio. This time, all the events will take place in another abandoned building, where abandoned toys and decorations from the once-popular show, which the children adored, live.

What is this story about? Once there was a performance known as Showdown Bandit. He entertained so many guys day after day, but suddenly they decided to cancel it. This could end the story, but once the star of the show Bandit wakes up and sees only nightmare and chaos around him, everything has changed. Now he has to find out what is happening and why.

As soon as the main character wakes up, you have to drive him along the long corridors, drive him through certain scenery, which just resembles a puppet show. What the Bandit will have to do is completely unclear, and this is also scary, so try to explore everything around and find out what is happening with the situation.

Like the Bendy game, Showdown Bandit is inspired by the old aesthetic school of entertainment, but this time a truly huge and frightening performance awaits you. Your opponents will be not only the monsters that many of the doll’s brothers have turned into, but also the unfinished and incomplete scenery that can move without any restrictions. Ahead you will find a terrible and gloomy emptiness, an echo in the distance, lighting that will accompany like on a real show. All this is very atmospheric and impressive!

As for the animation, it is also incredibly good here, especially in the introduction. Everything in this show is one hundred percent felt real, but at the same time moving like dolls. Regarding the gameplay, we can say that it is quite convenient, you have to mainly point and click on objects, while you will move towards the door to get out and go to the next location. Try to find the fastest way to get out of the trap.