slendrina granny

The game Granny and slendrina will appeal to fans of horror movies. This dark fun tickles nerves and adults, not to mention the children. You will fall into a dark, damp basement with piles of trash. It will be scary and creepy, but you have to concentrate and try to find 8 old books in the dam. Grandma Granny and Slenderina will disturb you. Beware of them and try not to make noise. They can quickly fly to you and kill.

At the location scattered around a lot of different things. Take what helps to get out of the trap. Be sure to collect keys to unlock the locks and advance to the exit. The house will be full of traps that set up these insidious antagonists. Carefully study the map in order not to fall into the trap and not to become a victim of bloodthirsty foes.

The presented game offers to pass a dangerous quest, which will be full of mysteries and secrets. It is necessary to include ingenuity in order to find several relics and with them escape from the hut. Enemies have amazing hearing and can quickly move around the house. If you hear their approach, it is better to lay low in a dark corner and wait. We advise to play this entertainment for those who love horror stories. Especially if you’re a fan of crazy old woman fun. This joy will take a lot of fun and make you pretty sweat when solving problems.

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