Slendrina X The Dark Hospital

The game Slendrina X: The Dark Hospital will give players the creeps. It takes place in an old clinic where something terrible went wrong a long time ago. A scary thing now lives there and keeps people away. Explore the hallways from a first-person view and try to find a way out. Try to stay away from the bad spirit at all costs by moving quietly and sneaking around. At the first sign of danger, hide behind something and don’t make a sound. Stay alive for 5 days and get away from the evil thing without being caught.

How To Play

Move the mouse around to look around.

Press W and S to move forward or backward. Use A and D to move left and right.

To get into crouch mode, press C once. It moves slower than normal, but it doesn’t make noise and gets less attention.

You can interact with different things and open doors by pressing the F key. Use G to let go of whatever the character is holding. Be careful as you walk through the hallways and enter rooms. Make sure that the little girl with the evil spirit is not inside. Look for clues and useful items to stay alive and get out of the building without getting hurt.

Have fun and good luck!