Virtual Voodoo

When someone told you nasty things or did something unpleasant, then, of course, at the first moment an irresistible desire appears to punish the offender, having acted in the same bad way as he did. And what if you do it secretly, that is so that he does not guess about your trick? Anyone who has done bad things to you deserves the punishment you can arrange for him with a voodoo doll. Yes, magic cannot be avoided here, so get ready to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a ritual related to not entirely honest methods in order to teach a lesson to the ill-wisher.
Take a doll, imagine the offender, or better yet, dress the toy in similar clothes, and beat it with a stick or plug it with needles. Revenge must come to pass! Let the enemy know that you can’t offend anyone, otherwise, you can’t say hello yourself.