We Happy Few

Our game We Happy Few will take you to the warring metropolis. It does not live companionable people. The city is famous for its unfriendly character. Seeing you, the townspeople rallied and rushed to kill you. Your position is simple: avoid the trap set up, come up with options for weapons for protection and collect loot. Be sure to play hide and seek, because at the initial stage you will not have to be sickly. Having collected a couple of healthy guns, you can relax.

In the app of Happy Happy every hero is pretty pumped up with drugs. Only you are sober. You can also try drugs, you will dissolve in the grayness of the city, but the consequences of taking amphetamine or cocaine are serious. Will have to pay. Do not be tempted by easy money. You must pursue a common goal: by any effort of will to get out of the sinister town, passing a flash drive is a complete survival in the wild. Merge with a uniform mass. Do not strive to show personality.