Zombotron Re-Boot

Step into the eerie world of Zombotron, a forsaken planet lost in the vastness of space. Once bustling with life, it now lies abandoned, its secrets shrouded in mystery.
Meet Blaze Rush, a seasoned mercenary navigating the cosmos in search of adventure. A distress signal beckons from an unknown corner of the galaxy, leading Blaze to Zombotron. However, what begins as a rescue mission soon transforms into a struggle for survival.
As you embark on this thrilling action platformer journey, prepare to confront an array of adversaries: from relentless zombies to enigmatic robots and otherworldly creatures. Arm yourself with weapons and hone your skills to navigate the perilous terrain, rescue survivors, and uncover the truth behind Zombotron’s desolation.
Join Blaze as he ventures into the unknown, forging alliances and confronting the dark forces that lurk within this enigmatic realm.