hello neighbor alpha 4

This neighbor, who settled in the village, is very alarming. Somehow he is muddy, it is not clear what to expect from him. He even stopped saying hello to all the people who walk side by side near his house. Bad rumors went that something very strange was happening in his basement. For the time being, everyone was just discussing his basement, but the moment came when each resident decided to get into his house on his own and see firsthand what was really happening there. This, however, is very scary, because who knows, maybe aliens arrived there, or ghosts fly all over the room.

What is the purpose and what to do?

The game starts with the fact that you will need to choose the team to play for, either the blue ones that will try to get into the house, or the red ones that protect this building. If you play for those who quietly want to enter the house, it is important to be very careful, because you just can be noticed, and then you won’t think enough, they can shoot. From the new in this game many new items and other nice bonuses have appeared that clearly diversify the toy. The graphics have changed significantly, and everything has become more colorful. So can you get into the basement in this 3D game and unravel all the secrets that the game hides?


Arrows – walk
Spacebar – Jump
Mouse – Shot
E – Take the item and get into the car
V – throw an item
M – go to menu