Nox Timore

Nox Timore is a creepy game in the best traditions of indie horror. You will roam the dark corridors of the old catacombs. At first it will be just scary, because the uncertainty lies ahead. True horror will come when rustling is heard behind you, and in front of you you will see a strange wooden doll covered in blood. This strange, ugly creature will haunt you in the most unexpected places. Nobody knows the history of these dolls, but soon you will have to get acquainted not only with a whole detachment of these vile creatures, but also with their comrades in the monastery. Before the eyes will appear either a hunched creature with a hole in the stomach and rows of sharp teeth, or scary eyes in impenetrable darkness among the shelves. All that remains for you is to collect bloodied notes and keys from locked doors. Perhaps this will help you break out of this crazy place. Although still it’s unlikely … Get ready for the worst nightmare, because Knox Timor will not leave you alone and will always haunt you in nightmares. Can you survive all the horror that awaits you in the thickening darkness?

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